Thinking in Distributed Systems

12 chapters, full of diagrams, illustrations, and examples, all about distributed systems.
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What You Get From This Book

Advance your career

Pursue senior and leadership roles with a deep understanding of distributed systems.

Go from beginner to expert

Bridge the gap from beginner and expert, master the skills needed to succeed in distributed systems.

Think like the experts

Learn how to approach complex problems with the mindset and the confidence of an expert.

Learn the theoretical foundations

Tackle complex challenges and contribute valuable insights with a strong foundation.

Learn the practical applications

Gain a comprehensive understanding of distributed systems with real-world examples.

Get clarity

Say goodbye to confusion and uncertainty as you master distributed systems with clear explanations.

What's Included

  • Preface
  • Chapter 1 • Introduction
  • Chapter 2 • System Models, Order & Time
  • Chapter 3 • Failure Tolerance
  • Chapter 4 • Message Delivery & Processing
  • Chapter 5 • Transactions
  • Chapter 6 • Distributed Transactions
  • Chapter 7 • Partitioning
  • Chapter 8 • Replication I
  • Chapter 9 • Replication II
  • Chapter 10 • Distributed Consensus
  • Chapter 11 • Durable Executions
  • Chapter 12 • Cloud & Microservices

Who This Book Is For

This book is designed for software engineers looking to learn about distributed systems and climb the ladder from beginner to expert

About The Author

I am Dominik Tornow. I am a principal engineer and specialize in systems modeling, particularly conceptual and formal modeling, to enhance the development and the documentation of distributed software systems. I have 15 years of experience at companies like Cisco, SAP, and Temporal. I write articles and blog posts, and am a frequent speaker at flagship conferences including Strangeloop and KubeCon.

I struggled to find comprehensive resources while learning distributed systems. That's why I wrote this book – to share my knowledge and experience I gained over my career.